Baby, Baby, Fight my Liar

Donald Trump is a liar.

Heady stuff, huh?

I'm sure that I'm not the only one that has gone out on a limb on that question. He has now lied over 5,000 times, by expert counting, and is not even through half of his elected term.

But, all politicians lie, right?

That's kinda like saying that it's no big deal that Mozart wrote Classical Operas because all Classical Opera Composers wrote operas. It's no contest. Trump is the Mozart of Liars.

But in order to understand Trump's devotion to lying, one must understand his obvious historical research and base of his lying philosophy.

Great liars of the past and present are all about one thing. Control. Control of the talking points. Control of the conversation. Control of the message.

Trump lies to control the chatter, to keep us all off balance. He lies so that his base has a reason to believe. His lies are their talking points.

Trump will never NOT lie. He will always put out the best message or him at the time. The truth is not RELEVANT.

Get used to it. The other side already has. It will NOT help to continue to point out this part of his personality. They have seen it, they smell it, they accept it. They like it. It is NOT a soft spot in his armor.

Liberals/Progressives/Democrats have got to get away from low-hanging fruit that are his lies. There is a pathway to victory against this instinctive politician. But it isn't through trying to get his base or floating independents to see what they already do. It's like continually trying to get a fish to realize he's wet. Eventually you annoy the fish or worse yet, you become boring to the fish.

The Resistance has to find their own version of MAGA. Their own catchy phrase. Something everyone can relate to.


Care about HealthCare!

Good Jobs Matter!

Whatever it is, you better come up with it quick. Trump has his and he's putting them into the political lexicon.

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