He’s Not My Pillow Guy

Welp, Kayleigh McEnany has packed her bags and is ready to go. Same for Melania except her bags still have room for a few more White House art treasures too sweet not to loot.

With all the hubbub, Mike Lindell, the pillow guy, has snuck in for one last ditch effort to effect a coup. Like any good spy, he kept his secret plans hidden. Except when he was drinking coffee in a public area of the White House, those secret plans flipped over and a journalist nabbed a pic. Oops!

Without getting into all of the ugly details, the pages that could be read show a plan that includes shoving a Trump loyalist into heading the CIA, engaging the Insurrection Act, hiring some guy who works with the Army, and maybe (this part is total conjecture), trying the Martial Law idea brought up by Mike Flynn. Then have the election redo. You know, an election Mulligan.

For more details, please attend our next super secret meeting. No time or place will be announced as to avoid being compromised, and no notes will be taken. Remember to wear your decoder rings, and for God‘s sake, whoever brings the donuts remember...NO BAKED CINNAMON ROLLS! They’re not real. Fried or died.

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