Humans for Trump

Wow. Over 400 pages of investigative reporting from Robert Mueller.

And the President says "Total Vindication. Total Exoneration. You all owe me an apology. You all need to form an investigation into the investigators of this disgraceful witch hunt!"

And we're off subject already.

I'm getting to be amused by the number of new groups, or at least new signs in Trump rally crowds, that supposedly now support POTUS-45.

I remember the first one was "Blacks for Trump". When you need a sign to proclaim your support, that probably means that no one expects much support from your group, ie; ethnic/gender/sexual orientation/racial or regional community. Trump likes to say he had "overwhelming" support from the black voter, but that doesn't seem to be borne out by exit polling and subsequent scientific and non-scientific polling. Somehow, seeing "Blacks for Obama" would have raised even more eyebrows than the "Blacks for Trump" did, but for much different reasons. Think about it, we may have grinned a bit, but we would not have been surprised or thought it newsworthy (beyond giving deserved kudos) if we'd seen "Poorly Educated For Trump!" banners. Hell, there very well may have been. Makes more sense the more I think about it.

Since seeing "Blacks for Trump", I've now seen "Women for Trump", "Gays for Trump", and even "Mexicans for Trump".

It's obvious that these are groups that logic would tell us where Trump doesn't have much of a support base. It is also obvious that the Trump campaign apparatus prints out these signs and hires people, kind of a central casting, that would look "appropriate" holding these signs in the crowds and standing behind him during rallies.

When you have to make signs from so many groups from which you know that you have little or no support, your goal of stretching the roof of your 'big' tent campaign looks more and more futile.

What will we see next? "Geniuses for Trump" - "Honorable People for Trump" -

"Non-Racists for Trump". Its only a matter of time.

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