Invasion Persuasion

Invasions come in all sizes and shapes. There was the American Settler invasion of the lands occupied by Native American tribes. That took some time. Like, maybe, two hundred years or so?

Now, according to everyone's favorite White Nationalist President, there is an Invasion of the USA by a "horde/mob/army" (pick your adjective) who is slogging along at a speed of about 3 miles per hour from the southern-most part of Mexico. These poor, hungry and scared refugees from Honduras and El Salvador have left their homes in search of help from the country that pretty much set off the circumstances that created the horrors they flee. What are those horrors you might wonder?

Well, let's see. Their children are being recruited by drug gangs and mobsters. The boys as soldiers and gang members. The girls as sex slaves and worse. Hmmm...seems a reasonable reason to leave. I know people in my neighborhood that have moved out of state because the local Vons supermarket became a Vallarta.

According the the previously mentioned President, the people should come to our country legally. Now, walking across Central America and Mexico may seem illegal, but it really isn't. Maybe he means they should hire immigration attorneys hit up USCIS, or have their personal attorneys contact local American Consulates to apply for asylum? That should be easy enough for people who are carrying everything they own on their backs.

Trump has said many times he favors "merit-based" immigration. Not the lottery system used to create a sense of fairness for who gets in. He says "immigrate the right way, the legal way", but then says "we don't want just anyone, we want the doctors, scientists, geniuses". In other words, Poor People need not apply.

Poor people don't "merit" relief from murder, sexual assault, and enslavement. He's been clear on that.

Trump has such a hard-on for the immigration/caravan issue, he is missing opportunities at his rallies to really hit hard on the wage increase numbers recently released. These numbers look good for him and his administration, although one could argue that the increases still don't wipe out the fact that it takes 2.5 jobs for most families at low-end wages to vault the poverty line into low-middle class territory.

Let's let him do what he wants. Progressives/Democratic Socialists/Liberals/Democrats need to focus on ONE THING.


Progressives outnumber Conservatives in this country by a decent margin. But we lose most elections because we don't vote. A good message can be undone by it being the wrong message. Democrats never went wrong being on the side of the poor, the worker, the refugee, the immigrant, the woman, the LGBTQ person, or the minority. Excuse my French, but Fuck the Rich, Fuck the 1%, Fuck Big Oil, and Fuck Major Corporations. They're called the 1% because there's only 1% of them. So, as I mentioned...Fuck them.

Vote. It does EVERYBODY good.

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