Mueller Time Hangover

It’s sad that this whole thing comes down to politics and not the law.

Anyone who reads the 448 pages of the Mueller Report (I have...twice) can see that Trump and his campaign were eager to use the Russians and their help in the election. Plenty of “collusion”.

But collusion is not illegal.

Conspiracy is illegal, and if this had been anyone else charges may have been made.

Convicted? Maybe not.

However, obstruction was proven over and over in the 10 to 12 (depending on how you count them) clear examples shown by Mueller. The man broke the law. But we have to worry about the political fallout from the ONLY legal avenue we have... impeachment.

All because of an OLC memo. Not a law, but a fricking memo saying a sitting POTUS cannot be indicted. This makes POTUS above the law.

For those who say that there was no Obstruction of Justice because the DOJ says so...wrong. The Attorney General personally believes that a President cannot commit OBSTRUCTION by virtue of his office. That’s like saying that a President cannot commit Treason, cannot commit burglary, cannot commit rape, incest, or murder because he cannot be indicted.

So, if Trump STRANGLED Melania on national TV, using the rules we have now, IMPEACHMENT is the only tool we’d have to remove him from office. Think about that.  The man committed crimes. His whole cabinet and administration is rife with corruption, scandal, and criminals.

But the conservatives vote for him and support him not because of the Tax Scam, but because they think he’s their only hope to make abortion illegal again, to retain power, and change the country. That is their end game. A Constitutional Convention where they can put us back in 1949. That would guarantee them (in their minds) the War on Drugs, racist Marijuana laws, racist cocaine vs crack laws, and illegal abortions happening in back alleys, while rich people get them without worry.

A Trumpublican Senate will NEVER convict Trump. Conservative voters will never abandon him. There’s already a culture civil war. It’s here. And Trump is the flag bearer. Not because he BELIEVES. But because he can profit off of it. But the Conservatives don’t care. They just know he will do their bidding.  For a price. One they’re willing to pay.

Republicans are no more. This is Trumpubicanism.

Their new platform are the 7 deadly sins.

Their new slogan is “In Trump we Trust”.

They sold their souls. R.I.P. 

Wake up people. Don’t trade ALL decency just to have abortion made illegal. Abortions will always be around. What do you care if OTHER people have abortions, get divorced, or have gay sex? Just stick to your guns and don’t have an abortion YOURSELF. Don’t have gay sex or get divorced YOURSELF.

Leave everyone else the hell alone.--

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