Not all of the Right is stupid.

Of course all of the right or all of the left isn’t stupid.

But what this cartoon shows is that too many of the people that followed Trump were gullible. Most of these were non-dogma, non-political people who believed themselves to be “conservative” and fell for the “America First” and “Trickle Down Economics” and “Election Fraud” bullshit.

Most are poor people who vote against their own self-interests. They Vote against higher minimum wage. They Vote against the funding of Social Security and MediCare and a national healthcare plan like ObamaCare or Medicare for all. They vote against no cost state college tuition for those that qualify with grades and income level.

These policies all would help poor people. But they believe the BS rhetoric of nationalism (cloaked as patriotism) that really is xenophobia, and anti-globalism (which is anti-semitism) and the lies that the Chinese, the Blacks and Mexicans are keeping them poor. They believed Trump that the wall that Mexico would build is their answer. They believed Trump that getting rid of environmental regulations would bring back Coal jobs and that only he could save the jobs at Ford and Carrier. He didn’t. He said the tax plan for corporations and the rich would create jobs and higher wages. It didn’t. He said he’d come back after and do a tax plan for the middle class. He didn’t. Even though at the time he had both houses of Congress in his pocket. Why didn’t he? Because he’d screwed the budget so badly with the first tax scam that even Republicans spit on in private.

It was a grift. It always was a grift. I don’t agree with tried and true Conservative old school Republican trickle down theory and spending more than the next 10 counties combined on the military budget, or fair trade. But those old school politics don’t divide.

”Mexicans are rapists, drug addicts, and murderers, but I suppose a few are good people”, and “you’re very special, we love you, but go home in peace ” to the Capitol rioters, and “there’s no way we lose this election unless you let the cheating Dems steal it” is divisive. And too many blue collar and everyday Americans bought it all hook, line, and sinker. Not stupid. Desperate maybe. Gullible for sure. And now there’s a vacuum for them to be grabbed by the next big talker. To relieve the pain of losing this election.

Nobody is coming for your guns. But we’re coming to register them like bikes, cars, dogs, and marriages. No one is coming for your Christianity, but it will never be the official religion of the USA. Nobody is is coming for your freedoms and liberties, but for crissakes wear a mask.

That’s it. We can disagree on military budgets, trade tariffs, bank regulations, and off-shore oil drilling. But “liberals are child sex trade lizard people and Trump is bringing the STORM as the second coming” is a bridge too far.

Sorry to butt into your convo- carry on.

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