Open Letter to former MAGA Friends


Open Letter to Former MAGA Friends

You probably won't read this. I'm sure you don't care. We split up four years ago or maybe a bit less, over the idea that Donald Trump was a good idea to be our next president.

We said he was a failure, a Bankruptcy artist, a con man, and a grifter who didn't pay his contractors. You said he was a Billionaire, successful businessman, who would run the country like a business, and shake up the swamp at the same time. He didn't need donors you he wouldn't be beholden to anyone. He said what he meant, you said.

We said he was the last guy in the world who should have the nuclear codes. We said he would ruin our relationships with allies, that he was a racist, misogynistic, nationalist suffering from dementia or something similar. You said he was "eccentric". He said Mexicans coming to this country illegally were drug dealers, murders, and rapists, although some, he assumed, were good people. He asked Black people "what do you have to lose?". (They found out)

He started tear gassing women and children refugees fleeing drug and violence torn Central American countries. You said that the kids being torn from their parents and put into cages during a "zero-tolerance" program was the fault of the parents bringing them here, and that tear gas was necessary to protect the homeland. You said that Obama started that child separation program and the cages. I corrected you by saying Obama never had a “zero-tolerance” policy and only separated children when their parents were unknown and used the cages temporarily only when foster homes could not be found quickly. Obama NEVER misplaced 500 children from their parents like Trump did.

I lost a few more of you then.

Trump was investigated and Impeached. You said it was a hoax. Russian collusion was never proven you said. We reminded you that Russian Collusion and Obstruction of justice was reported by Mueller, & that collusion wasn’t illegal, but that conspiracy couldn’t be proven due to the lies told by material witnesses who were convicted for same and later pardoned by Trump. Obstruction of justice cannot be charged against a sitting president Mueller said. But you parroted Trump screaming “NO COLLUSION” & “Russian HOAX”! We’re pretty sure former Attorney General Barr is rethinking his downplaying of the guilt Mueller reported.

Trump said that there were good people on the side in Charlottesville that screamed "Jews will not replace us!". He still hasn't mentioned the bombing of Nashville's ATT building by a QAnon follower.

And now he invited MAGA supporters to DC on the 6th, telling them it would be "wild", and in his speech told them that the only way to stop the steal of his election was to be strong, to act strong, and not be weak. He threatened Congress & the Senate with the hordes of MAGA supporters days before they came, stating that they wouldn't want all those MAGA people mad if Congress and the Senate (and VP Pence) didn't do something to overturn the election to his favor. That was of course after a recorded telephone call where he tried verbally beating the Georgia Attorney General into “finding” him 11,700 votes that he needed.

You were warned about all of the bird shit that slapped our collective windshield on our four year road trip. You were warned it would eventually come to this. You were warned that he was unhinged. You said the office would make him presidential.

I'm not sorry we're no longer friends. On social media

or in real life. Because real life got REAL yesterday. A coup was attempted in my country. The Capitol Building was overrun for the first time in over 150 years. By ignorant people who believed the "eccentric" guy who told us he could grab any pussy he wanted. And he did yesterday. And a young AF veteran died because of it along with three or four other seditious comrades, along with possibly a police officer. Dead. Forever. Because of him.

I hope you read this, not because I want to take you away from your Fox News, Daily Caller, OAN, Newsmax, 8kun, InfoWars, or Breitbart. But because I want you to know it meant something for me to walk away from you and those that think like you do. I'm not interested in finding common ground. There's nothing common about your lack of judgment or your lack of wanting to do the right thing with your political vote. I'm just here to remind you that sometimes you are warned about something that will affect the lives of your children and those you love. Hopefully, none of them have suffered or died from COVID, fanned by the selfish idiocy of Trump and his "Liberated Non-Mask-Wearing Patriots". But too many have died.

And those deaths, like that of Ashli Babbit, are on Trump's hands. Which means they might also be partly on the hands of those that were warned, but voted for political power instead of competence anyway.

It is never too late to recognize the fire you started that has burned down so much of our “house”. But it’s way to late to get credit or praise for finally waking up as well.

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