Progressive isn't Recessive

How do Progressives and Regressive Conservatives differ?

Progressives believe in people less than corporations. Its not that we believe that socialism is the answer to capitalism, its that we have seen where capitalism and socialism can prosper together in harmony, much better than either can exist on their own. Progressives point to the successes in Holland, Switzerland and Sweden as examples where socialism and capitalism coexist and thrive.

Many Regressive Conservatives have the idea that the "trickle down" economic theory is the way to go. Give tax and other monetary incentives to large corporate businesses so that they will have the incentive (cash) to create more jobs, move forward with progressive (ironic) business innovations and inventions. They believe that competition breeds innovation and success as well as lower prices. In most cases they are right. However, Progressives believe that business owners already have incentives to create jobs, innovation and success. Its called profit. Many Corporations will actually hold back on expansion in order to keep shareholders happy with dividends and stock pricing. Its a safer bet. They will bemoan taxes and regulations and use those excuses for playing it safe, when they know the real reasons, outlined above. Give them the tax and regulation relief they claim to need, and the great majority of their new found wealth goes to stock buy backs, debt reduction (both artificially create wealth in the form of inflated stock values) and huge bonuses for Corporate Officers and managers. (That's them).

Most people don't understand the difference between C and S corporations, or LLCs (Limited Liability Companies). Two out of three of these entities pay NO business tax at all. They have "pass through" features, which means the tax is passed through to those being paid a wage or a fee. So, corporate tax rates can have little or no effect on many of these companies. There are more complicated parts to this big puzzle, such as capital gains tax and offshore funds.

Progressives believe that the top 1% of earners have been reaping a larger percentage of wealth over the years, while their tax percentage has remained stagnant. Tax avoidance by these top earners is a major problem and can be addressed at the personal tax level.

Progressives do not believe that a person earning $250,000 per year, or a couple earning $500,000 per year adjusted gross income is part of the "middle class".

Progressives believe that those couples earning less than $100,000 per year are burdened by "flat taxes" that they pay along with other people who earn from 5 times more or even higher. These are gasoline taxes, property taxes, excise taxes, sales taxes, state taxes and more.

Progressives believe that these lower dollar earners should be exempt from all or most of their income tax burden. Much of the dollars earned in personal wealth at the top is from "passive" efforts, so there would be no incentive to work "less" because they're getting taxed at a higher rate.

Progressives believe that health care is a right...not a privilege. Progressives do not believe that all services should be for profit, and health care is one of them. This is a fundamental rift between Progressive and Recessive. Recessive's believe that the "market" can cure all....that those services who do not provide quality service at competitive pricing will shrivel up and die...go out of business.

Progressives argue the "Velveeta" effect. That as long as a substandard product or service is cheap enough, it will retain a large enough client base to survive. That holds true for Health Insurance as policies have been sold that covered health issues that happened on a Thursday, in summer months, while it's raining. But, they figured, they had health insurance. Yes, Obama's famous "lie" was that if you liked your insurance you'd get to keep it. He should have said, if you liked your insurance policy that actually covered any injury, disease, and/or trip to the emergency room, you could keep it. But, he didn't, and now it's history.

Progressives believe that the days of Coal and Fossil Fuels is on their way out, and that investing in Wind, Solar and renewable energy is the way to go...for our present environment, for today's jobs and for the future of our children.

Progressives believe that religion is great, but that there are too many views, beliefs and thoughts to integrate into modern politics and governing. Separation of Church and State is an important concept, one held by many of our country's founders. Especially when there are those that try to integrate specific religions (ie: Christianity or "Judeo-Christian" dogma) into the Government.

Progressives believe in LGBTQ marriage rights. Progressives believe in the military. We just don't believe in spending ridiculous amounts of money to create either a Recessive Political training and indoctrination camp, or a budget busting entity for the benefit of defense contractors.

Progressives believe in Christmas. They also believe in Chanukah (Hanukkah), Ramadan, and Kwanzaa (and more). We believe you can say "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" and still be just as sincere about your wishes.

Progressives believe in MediCaid, MediCare and Social Security. We believe in strong PUBLIC SCHOOLS. The SNAP program (foodstamps) is a health safety net that keeps poor kids from getting sick, and then possibly getting other kids sick as well. It just is logical sense. We don't need people dying of hunger in our great country.

Progressives believe in Immigration reform. We believe that most poor immigrants from Central America are refugees from economic and violent forces in their own countries. We believe in handling the problem humanely, legally, and with the view that there's a win-win solution. Seasonal Worker permits, DACA, limited "amnesty", and Day-worker border crossings are ideas that can be expanded.

Progressives are anti-MS13, but believe that Sanctuary status is important for effective law enforcement when dealing with NON-VIOLENT criminals, or those with no legal offense other than crossing the border without a visa or overstaying a legal visa.

Progressives are against calling Mexican immigrants "rapists, murderers and drug dealers, although, I assume, some are good people."

Progressives believe in common sense, logical, responsible gun control. Registration, elimination of gun show sales, the use of universal background checks, mandatory gun-owner training, and elimination of military style weapons, bump stocks (now illegal) and other firearms that are obviously not suited for home defense against intruders (except for small armies) or for hunting.

Progressives believe in standing for the pledge of allegiance. We also believe it's your right not to stand or cover your heart.

Progressives love this country. We just aren't afraid to change it for the better.

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