R.I.P. G.O.P

The GOP has made a calculated bet. Realizing that their numbers are shrinking anyway, and that their survival has depended for decades upon gerrymandering and voter suppression, they now are becoming a "big tent" party, accepting racists and xenophobes.

They know that Progressivism has brought the end of Slavery, Woman's Suffrage, Child-Labor Laws, Civil and Voting Rights, Social Security & Medi-Care. It has helped to lessen fascism and authoritarianism around the world. The “conservative” foreign policy accepts totalitarianism as long as it isn’t “Communism”.

They have no tangible ideas except low taxes and low federal spending, which are more ideology and less “practical application”. Their less tangible ideas revolve around the shortsighted modern version of Nationalism, America First, and appropriating "Law & Order" and "Patriotism".

They conveniently forget that investing in foreign aid, corruption control, and creating peaceful industrial & political environments, helps the US with trade, tourism, the strength of the dollar, and US jobs. Because working with non-Americans doesn't "fit" with America First, which is exactly what it is.

They have wagered their entire future on MAGA. They are all in. With MAGA comes QAnon. It's a stink they must endure in order to survive, and they know it.

Unfortunately, I don't disagree with them.

Conservatism is a losing bet. Libertarianism can't win in national elections, Ross Perot being the last to try and got 20%.

Moderate Republicanism is dead.

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