Tuck Frump?

The midterms are over. Well, almost. Georgia and Florida seem to be carrying the counting thing out a bit. We will most likely see three Republican wins out of those counts/re-counts. Depressing?


But overall, this was a Blue Wave extraordinaire. It was the Blue Tsunami. In a Senate election year that so very much favored the GOP, they MIGHT add one or two Senate Seats. Maybe only one.

It was in the Governors races and in the House of Representatives where the Democrats did their damage. Over 30 House seats flipped. That's historic. Nothing seen like that since the Watergate years. Good times. (wiping tear).

We hear through White House Rats, I mean sources, that POTUS is not a happy camper. He is supposedly pissy with everyone. He finally realized that the POWER he had is now the power he has. Small P. Small O. Small W. You get it. Can Trump say "accountability"?

Changes are afoot. The Deputy National Security Adviser is being trolled by none other than Melania. John Kelly is under fire. Jeff Sessions is gone, but his replacement is under real scrutiny.

When the idiot known as Cory Lewandowski is making the rounds on cable TV, so you know there's real trouble. This squirming piece of burnt cheese can be smelled two channels away. But his rhetoric is an advance warning of something. I say let's keep it up. Piss off Trump.

Let's get behind the vote counting. Let's be in favor of all votes getting counted.

Let's get behind freedom of press, aka Jim Acosta.

Let's get behind the Democratic Party. Yes, the Green Party is nice and they believe in good things. As do the Democratic Socialists (they don't have a party yet or do they?). But voting for the sake of principle instead of WINNING is so 1957. Stop it.

Get with the program. If you consider yourself a progressive LIBERAL (never be ashamed of either of those two words), or even a Socialist...get behind this BLUE WAVE. We're close to taking over power again. What does that mean?

Social Security.

MediCare for ALL.

Free State College/University for those who QUALIFY. Not everyone. (My nephew Monkey Brains can barely count his blunts, much less go to University. Its not for everyone, free or not).

Sensible Gun & Ammunition Control (I know lots of Progressives want Guns ownership outlawed, but let's be sensible and realistic)

LGBTQ Rights protected.

Women's Rights & Equal Pay.

Voting Rights ACT (AGAIN)

Black American Rights...Police Reform. Drug War Reform. Voter's ID Reform (maybe free state or national ID cards for every citizen?)

Separation of Church & State (AGAIN)

Add your own ideas here.....